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Softball Bats Out
By: Samuel Perez Lopez
Atlanta, GA- Yet another season of JV Softball comes to a close with their final game, having been on September 24th against Cambridge; one of the best in the state. Unfortunately the team lost, the final score being 13-0. When asked about the game, Sydney Katz, a junior, right fielder on the team, said, “It went okay. We were in a really tough region so we didn’t really stand a chance, but we won the games we should have won.” Although the team’s defense was pretty good, they had a difficult time getting on a base. This may have been caused by Cambridge’s pitcher, whom signed to play with UGA as a sophomore. However, Sydney believes that they know what to work on for the next year. “I guess just working collectively as a team. Individually we are all good players, we just need to work on our teamwork as well as having a higher energy level during our games,” Sydney said. And with new freshman joining the team next year, the games are expected to go better. Overall, the JV softball team did a pretty exquisite job, and want fans to come out and support them.