Multiple Teams · Warrior Varsity Cheerleaders decamp the Yellow Jackets

ATLANTA — Monday, January 25, 2015 the Girls and Boys Varsity basketball team weren’t the only people who took on the Sprayberry Yellowjackets. Even with spending the entire school day with no working water the Warrior Varsity Cheerleaders still showed up and showed out against the Sprayberry Varsity Cheer team. “When we arrived to Sprayberry we were taunted for not having any water at our school and we had a prior expectation that we wouldn’t be doing a lot of our killer chomp cheers because their team wasn’t one of our biggest cheer rivals; but apparently we have cheer rivals we don’t even know about!” said Kamryn Johnson, Varsity Cheer captain. With the Yellowjackets throwing the first “shot” (chomp cheer) at the Warrior cheer team it started something that the yellowjackets definitely weren’t equipped to finish. As the Warriors pulled their killer chomp cheers out they most definitely ended with a bang. “Here’s the best part right after the 4th quarter ended we went into the middle of their gym, stood on their Yellowjacket emblem, and performed our beloved Hey You cheer,” said Mary Hinton, 12th grade cheerleader at NAHS. Well the Yellowjackets were not too happy about the Warrior’s cheer stunt in the middle of their gym, so the Warrior cheer team had to have a police escort to their bus. At the end of the day cheer chomping is just a show for the game and shouldn’t be taken to the heart.Which really goes to show that the Yellowjackets shouldn’t dish it out if they can’t handle the effects. “Just know that every cheer team we cheer against will always remember the Warrior cheer team as the best cheer team they have encountered during the 2015-2016 basketball cheer season,” said Kamryn Johnson, Varsity Cheer captain.