Mission & Priorities

The North Atlanta Sports Booster Club’s mission is to support the North Atlanta (NAHS) Warrior coaches and athletes through equipment, facility and other sports-related improvements, as well as recognize individual athletes, team and coach successes. In addition, the booster club promotes school spirit and encourages participation in high school sports through celebrations and events. Our parent-run organization helps the individual teams with fundraising to meet their needs and run safe and successful sports program at NAHS.

Four Drivers




NAHS Athletics Wish List

Big Ticket Items:

  • NAHS Stadium with Jumbo Tron.
  • A bridge/walkway from the parking lot the field.
  • Aquatic Center.
  • Turf the baseball field, eliminating grass maintenance.
  • Converting the top of the parking to an indoor gym.
  • A new scoreboard for the gym with video playback
  • Spotlight for Gym ceiling

Middle Ticket Items:

  • Press box—type stand for the Football turf field $30K
  • Indoor Facility near Baseball & Softball Stadium. $60K
  • Converting the grass field to a turf field. $60K
  • Solar Panels in the Parking lot area. $40K
  • Sound system for the Football turf field. $50K Option A
  • An allotment of $15,000 for full time Strength and conditioning person in the weight room.

Small Ticket Items:

  • Sound system for the Football turf field $10K Option B
  • Weight room (Exercise Bikes and AV equipment) $10K
  • Signage, Spirit & Banners $15,000 (A must HAVE) $14K
  • ATV Mule ($5,000)
  • New larger shed for spacing. $10K
  • Drone, Camera equipment and Handy-cams $10K

Miscellaneous needs:

  • 3 foam rollers.  Total cost $270.00.’
  • 2 dummies (1 small @$275 /1 large@ $325) and Bulgarian Training Bags.
  • 2 man blocking sled-$3854.00
  • Crossover Video Software 10,000
  • Recondition Headsets-$285
  • Ladders, stopwatches, $481.00.
  • Upgrade Batting Cage (Softball & Baseball), sports turf with pad.
  • Drone, Camera equipment and Handy-cams $10K