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Membership and Fundraising

North Atlanta High School
Sports Booster Club
Membership and Fundraising


Basic Family Membership

  • $25 per family/sport
  • If your student plays at least one NAHS sport, your family automatically becomes a member of the Sports Booster Club. The $25.00 fee is collected by the individual teams as part of their team fee.
  • Example: If your son plays football and your daughter plays softball, your Family Fee is $50.00


Premium Family Membership:

Booster Membership Benefits Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Cost $1,000 $500 $250 $125
North Atlanta Stadium Chairs 2 2 1
North Atlanta Gameday Fleece 2 2 1 1
50% Sport Specific Donation Designation Yes Yes
Annual Recognition: Website Yes


The North Atlanta Booster Club is 501(c)3 organization. All donations made to the SBC are tax deductible for the amounts incremental to the cost of benefits received.


  • Go to the “Donations” tab on the northatlantawarriors.org webpage.
  • Questions? Beth Mayfield may be contacted at bathmayf@bellsouth.net



Banner Advertising:
Team selling the banner receives 80% of the proceeds after initial cost to create

  • SBC tracks contract terms and renewal dates
  • Banner advertisers are recognized on both the  NAHS Sports Booster and individual Team web pages
  • Banner displays lasts for 12 months
Banner/Sign Advertising Cost
Baseball Field $1,500
Gym $1,200
Turf $1000
Softball Field $1000
Tennis Courts $700
Dug out sign (large) $500
Dug out sign (small) $250



  1. Identify a sponsor (orthodontist, favorite restaurant, hairdresser, doctor, etc) who would like to support your sports team at NAHS
  2. Contact Sylvia Masish at sylvia.masih@gmail.com to order a sign or banner.